I am Charlie. I am a Domestic Rockstar. 

I am a vocalist for an unsigned metal band (.bipolar.), wife to an amazing man and drummer named Brian, mother to an awesome little man named Hayden, two golden retriever sand a ball python.

I've been blogging since 2004, but in this place since 2009. Prior to the explosion of blogs I was a zine publisher/editor/writer/designer since 1997. In high school it was the Spit, in my twenties it was Klusterfuct, and while working as a graphic designer at a newspaper in Northern California was able to publish and edit an "official" alternative monthly, Fringe from 2007-2009. Ever since I could hold a crayon I loved to write. Sorry Mom for all the furniture I destroyed with my stories.

I live in Las Vegas. I love music, skulls, spending too much time watching television and movies, lots of video games, really good barbecued food, tattoos, and my job as a digital marketing strategist.

This is my little corner of the web covered in domestic rockstar-ness. Welcome and thank you for reading.

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