Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The post about my breasts

My breasts, they came suddenly one night when I was seventeen. So suddenly I had to slather them in royal jelly cream to diminish the stretch marks. So suddenly a couple days after they arrived my ex step-mom said so respectfully "Honey, you need to start wearing a bra. That's ridiculous," as she pointed at my chest. They had gone from an A cup to a C cup overnight and my tom boy self didn't know how to handle it. I eventually bought a bra, got my first real boyfriend, and came to appreciate them.
Then I had a child, while pregnant I went all the way up to a double D. THAT WAS RIDICULOUS. The pain, the swelling, the leaking, the uncomfortable bras all were no fun. Breastfeeding changed them a bit, and when that ridiculousness stopped they went down to a regular D. Between you and me, I like them just the way they are. My husband might love them more than me but that's ok.

A couple weeks ago I had a little health issue. My lymph nodes had been swollen for a week and were causing a lot of pain. I went to my doctor and she was concerned when she felt them so she scheduled me a couple of ultrasounds. She mentioned lymphatic cancer and breast cancer almost as if she wanted me to have a heart attack right there. So my nerves went bezerk. This all happened two days before our planned trip to Disneyland.

Disneyland was a nice distraction but once we returned home my nerves started up again.
I'm 33, I haven't had any major health issues since I was a child yet I've been witness to people going through major health issues and I felt like a wimp. Like a big WIMP.
I was seriously stressed over not knowing. Just having my doctor ask me if anyone in my family has had cancer and or specifically breast cancer while holding a clip board was scary.
The aches in the middle of the night kept me awake. The thought of having fingers prodding my armpits, needles stealing my blood and ultrasound goo on my skin gave me weird dreams.

It seemed a little ironic that I would be worrying about breast cancer this month of all months in the year. October, you know the pink month. Everywhere I looked there was a reminder of my worries.
I was also stressed about the possibility of losing, in my opinion my best physical assets.

I had my follow up yesterday with the doctor after two ultrasounds and two weeks of worry. Truth be told I was a WIMP who was worried for nothing.
There were no abnormalities on my breast or my hip other than my mutant lymph nodes which were probably swollen due to ... wait for it... ALLERGIES.

Brian and I are very grateful that there is nothing seriously wrong. I'm rewarding myself with a new bra.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

More Halloween Craft

I found this door on Pinterest. I tried to find the link the image is from but had no luck. Anyway, I thought it was awesome so I wanted to recreate it.

Here's our version

We used an end roll of newsprint ( you can use brown wrapping paper ) and wrapped the door. Then we used a piece of poster board cut the idea size to fit three eyeballs, and then used double sided tape to make it stay. The poster board also made the teeth. 

The same night Hayden and I made bats. 14 of them to go behind our television. 

You'll also notice the ghost garland we made a few years ago. It was made out of ribbon and an old T-shirt we cut into shreds and drew faces on. 

As you can tell, we're definitely ready for some trick or treats. 

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Celebrate good times-Top 10 moments of our Disney Vacation!

Ten years ago we said "I do." Fourteen years ago I said "Sure" when Brian asked if I wanted to date and we followed that up with our first date to see Fight Club on opening night. To celebrate this momentous occasion we went to Disneyland.

It was our first trip as a family and Hayden's first time ever. It was beyond magical and amazing. We'd been waiting to go until Hayden was old enough to enjoy and remember all of it for the rest of his life. I'm definitely glad we waited cause he will for sure remember the experience. 

 I'm also super glad we went during our favorite time of year Halloween!!! The park was decked out with pumpkins, bats and lots of Jack Skellington.
Here's our Top 10 moments of the Disneyland Trip:

10- Star Tours - As soon as we walked through the magical gates we headed to Tomorrowland. The first ride we jumped on was Star Tours. We all LOVED it. Hayden got to build his own light saber in the store after the ride and held on to it all day with so much pride. Tomorrowland was full of so much Star Wars goodness it was the place we spent the most time.

9- Adventures Galore - It felt as if Brian and I were kids again being there with our son who was experiencing this all for the first time. We headed to Pirates of The Caribbean and Haunted Mansion. Both rides were so awesome and way better than I remember from my trips as a kid. The Haunted Mansion was decked out for Nightmare Before Christmas. We were nervous about how Hayden would handle riding these type of things for the first time, but he did great. We also went over to Tom Sawyer's island to explore and enjoy the beautiful weather.

8- California Adventure/ Friends - Day 2 we spent at California Adventure. We ran into our old friend/tattoo artist Jackson and his family right as we entered Radiator Springs. We saw Lightning McQueen, rode the amazing Cars ride and walked around in awe.

7- Saving a bug - After Hayden got drenched on the Grizzly Mountain water ride we were strolling around when Brian found a praying mantis that had been stepped on and injured. He picked it up to save it from further damage and the little guy would not let go of his hand. We hung out with him for a bit until he decided it was time to say goodbye and jumped into the plants.

6- My Ears - So many people walk around the park with their ears. The pair I found that I fell in love with were some poisoned apple ears with the deadly skull on them. Not only were they perfectly spooky for me but they glow in the dark, so on every ride my apples would glow eerily.

5- So many fun times together- We wondered the parks together and had such a great time finding new things and absorbing the awesomeness. Every corner held something magical. We walked for what seemed like forever but we didn't get too tired as it was all so exciting.

4- Everyone Else-  We ran into so many people that were wrapped up in the Disney Magic as well. People were so nice and most of them were dressed up in Halloween costumes. A lot of adults talked with Hayden about his first trip and gave us advice on where to head next. I don't do well in crowds but Friday wasn't too crowded. We only had to use fast passes on Sunday for a couple rides.

3- World of Color-  Brian's co-worker showed him videos of the World of Color, but I had not been corrupted by teasers. I knew it was a light and water show but that was it. We waited among hundreds of others for almost and hour before the show was set to begin. Hayden fell asleep on my lap on the concrete and we were exhausted from the nine plus hours of walking and standing in lines all day. A nice woman in front of us let Hayden move up closer for a better view once the show was set to start. It was fifteen minutes of a breathtaking beauty. Words can't describe the amazement. Hayden instantly woke up and was blown away.

(photo from Disney)

2- Characters Characters-  Hayden got super shy around all the characters and we pretty much had to force him to take pictures, but he did and they will look great in his scrap book to show his therapist later.

1- Jedi Training Academy-  We had heard about it but weren't really sure what it was. I found a schedule of events and we for sure knew the Jedi Traning Academy was a must. The first day we sat and waited along dozens of other kids excited to experience the Force. When it was time Hayden jumped up and down hoping to be picked to learn some light saber moves from a Jedi Master. He was picked and he learned some great moves with twenty four other padawans. To their surprise they were joined by Storm Troopers, Darth Vader and Darth Maul whom they got to battle with their newly learned skills.
It was the best experience ever for our little Jedi. And he got to do it twice, the final time was our last day at Disneyland and he almost didn't get to but thanks to a merciful Jedi Master he was able to fight Darth Maul again. 

Overall my words can't do the experience justice but I wanted to share with everyone how amazing it was. We planned and budgeted the trip perfectly. We were able to celebrate our family with an unimaginable experience and we came home closer and happier than we had left. 

Monday, October 7, 2013

Halloween Crafty

I found some awesome Pins on Pinterest for Halloween decor on Friday. So I headed to the dollar store and bought up some materials. Saturday morning Hayden and I made some of these awesome things.

1. A Creature Wreath. The pin I saw was a snake wreath from this site, I couldn't find enough snakes so I opted for a creepy creature wreath. I took plastic spiders, snakes, bugs, and a bat and spray painted what wasn't already black, a glossy black. I bought a large hay wreath and spray painted that black as well. After the paint dried Hayden and I glued the creatures on. The lighter snakes are glow in the dark.

2. Chalkboard sign. I found chalkboard paint for $1.24 at the craft store and a cute little wood sign for $0.79. Hayden decided we would write something new on it every day till Halloween. 

We have some more to do, but this week is full up of preparation for a special trip to Disneyland. Our first as a family and a celebration of our 10 year wedding anniversary.

Here are some more of what I found on Pinterest:

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Back at the Huntridge

Most of my teenage years I lived in and out of boxes. Moving from one house to another, one town to another and never really feeling like I had a "home" of my own. So many different rooms, so many different walls of plaster and paint. But the one set of walls that had the biggest influence on who I am were the walls that made up the Huntridge theater.
 I walked into it's doors for the first time when I was sixteen only a few months after moving to Las Vegas. I can't remember what bands played that show but I do remember they were punk rock. A girl I met on the school bus named Mia held my hand and walked me through it's doors for the first time. Little did either of us know how much that stroll through it's threshold would effect my life.
 I saw countless bands there. I looked up at that stage with fandom in my eyes and saw musicians living their dreams, sweating under it's heavy lights, breaking guitar strings and utterly enjoyed it.
Once I was in a band I dreamed of being on that stage that I had looked up at so many times. When we moved to Las Vegas in 2008 it had been closed for four years. My heart broke when I drove by for the first time in so long and it looked liked a sad shell of what it used to be. 
In June of this year an Indie Go Go Campaign to Save The Huntridge was started. I donated to show my support.

 On Saturday I drug my family to an event called BYOB. That's Bring Your Own Brush. It was a volunteer event for the community to help paint the Huntridge. There was a great turnout and we got to paint, share memories and  be apart of something awesome.

I'm excited to watch the progress of the renovation and I hope to help out more. I also hope my band will get to play there one day soon.