Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Thanks Cartoon Network

Last night Cartoon Network aired the Hall of Game Awards show. They promo'd the crap out of the show for weeks and Hayden was SUPER excited to watch it.

The show acknowledged athletes and some of their cartoons. Hayden was peeled to the TV and cheered and clapped with excitement when his favorites won.

Then smack dap in the middle, they throw this performance in the mix. Jason Derulo doing a song "Talk Dirty to Me." Hayden recognized that the song was, in his words "totally inappropriate."

Brian and I were definitely NOT ready to explain to Hayden what "talk dirty to me" means.

Brian tried to say that the guy liked to talk about mud,  gravel and dirt which made Hayden laugh hysterically. Great save, but yeah, I forsee that question coming up to his therapist in fifteen years.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Co-Habitation Anniversary

Yesterday marked 14 years of Brian and I living together. We moved into a cute 2 bedroom apartment in Downtown Sacramento on February 13, 2000.

We had been dating for about four months when we packed up a uhaul with hand me down furniture, hopes, and dreams.
We lived in that little 2 bedroom apartment for three years. Looking back at all our memories there it feels like those three years were a big party with lots of friends, laughter, cases of beer, and too many bruises from drunkenly stumbling up or down the cement stairs to the apartment door.

 Here's a couple photos from our time in the apartment. 

This was us last night enjoying Queens of the Stone Age. 

Our home now is still full of friends, laughter, but less stumbling and more mature domestication like dinner parties, white russians and rock band.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Me time

Mothers get just 17 minutes of 'me time' according to The Daily Mail.
Lately with my husband and I commuting together, band practice twice a week and catching up on chores on the weekends I haven't gotten any true ME TIME in weeks.  I really feel that as soon as you decide to be a mom you give up the "me time" mentality. Yes being a mom is work most of the time but it's work I appreciate.

I am blessed with at least an hour each weekend morning when my husband makes breakfast and my son is playing with his toys. I drink my coffee and watch my dvr'd shows but both my boys are in the same area as me and most shows are interrupted with "Can I have a glass of milk?" "Can you help me build this super amazing batman house that the joker and the green ninja will try to destroy ten minutes after we finish it?" or "I forgot to buy eggs can you run to the store? We also need twenty more things here's a list."

Often I am asked how I juggle a full time career, being a mom, being a wife and being in a band. Career, Mom, Wife, Singer those are just four words but there are millions more that define them. So many of us these days are much more than just a mom. We live in an age of consistent multi-tasking.
I owe a lot of my juggling ability to my husband. We are definite partners. He takes on his own responsibilities of having a career, being a father, being a husband and a drummer. We aide each other when it's needed. We lean on each other when we are tired or stressed or overwhelmed.
We also appreciate each other, like a lot.

I am lucky that I have an amazing partner, who when he reads this will definitely suggest I take some me time when ever I need it.
Some women are single moms and don't have someone else to aide the juggling.
I have a coworker who has twin four year old girls and is a single mom. She shows up to work every day clothed, with fresh hair and make-up, and does her job without falling asleep or apart. This is much more work than what I juggle and I commend her for her ability.
I asked her when the last time was that she had "Me time" and she answered September of 2013.
So yeah, things aren't bad in my life.

Monday, February 3, 2014

New Day

A couple weeks ago Brian's usually reliable truck decided it was done.
D.O.N.E! 250,000 miles and the Tacoma had enough.
This of course right before our scheduled trip to Los Angeles for our show and NAMM.
And also of course during the week he had job interviews set up.

But now it's a new day, and a new year according to the Chinese. A brand new engine came on Friday and Brian started a brand new job last Monday.
Today we throw a year of ups and downs behind us and look forward to some ups and ups.

Even our little man is super positive and always reminds us that "EVERYTHING IS AWESOME!"