Friday, December 28, 2012

What I learned in 2012

On New Years last year I made a pact with Brian that 2012 would be a year of making shit happen.
With this motto in mind and positive thoughts I pushed through and made 2012 a great year. Now I want to look back and share the things I learned in 2012.

January 2012.

I had made a list of needs. Things I felt I needed to a) get to work b) do more freelance design work  and c) accomplish some goals I had set for myself. In January of 2012 I bought myself a laptop. My G4 desktop had kicked the bucket and I wanted/needed to have a computer.
Most of January was cold, rainy, and we were sick and broke. Kind of a gray start to such a great year. 

February 2012
I had an idea to throw a local musicians swap meet/garage sale and the idea became reality in February of 2012. I learned that ideas are awesome when they manifest into something great for the scene. I won a Kindle fire off a survey I took for one of the advertisers on my blog. Hayden calls it "mommy's big phone." 
I also started to try some Healthy Eating. That didn't last long but at least I tried.

March 2012
March was a month of change. Some negative sources were eliminated in a big way. I kept my lips sealed about it for the sake of being "a better person" and tried to be positive about the whole thing. Looking back I'm so glad it happened. Negative people who cause drama in our lives are not welcomed in any form; friend or family and things have been great without them all. With that release of negativity came a windfall of positivity in our lives. It pretty much started with my 32nd birthday
I had an amazing 32nd birthday. It was a Quentin Tarrantino themed party. 

I learned that my band, my friends, and my husband loved the themed parties and trying to find costumes in the middle of March. I also learned that things were on the right track for us. 
Right before the show Hayden and I got sick. A little cold of sorts. I learned not to push myself too hard at shows when sick. That cold turned into walking pneumonia and I was out of commission for five whole days. 

April 2012
In April I learned that I had to keep my best foot forward and work on improving things constantly. Things were still rough for us financially, and only having one vehicle was taking it's toll. We got better after being ill for a while. Then tackled one of the big things on my bucket list of making a music video. We started the process with our friend/director Calvin and with the help of some more awesome friends who filled the rest of the shots to make it look like a good time. I learned that the music video process is longer than expected, and that I don't like to watch myself on video that much.

May 2012
We formed a secret band with the same exact band members to play the same exact songs with addition of a few covers for a friends birthday. We tried for weeks to come up with a cool name and ended up using the Rock Band name Hayden and Chris had come up with months prior; Penguin Throwup. I learned that dressing up as penguins and playing a show is a lot of fun. This was also the month that after about 8 months of working at it things were finally fixed in our marriage. 

June 2012

In June Hayden graduated from Kindergarten and started losing teeth. My band got a decent review in a local magazine.  I learned that the Lake Mead beaches aren't too bad. I also learned that if you work really hard to attain a goal, speak to your bosses to make a change for the better and prove yourself that it sometimes works out to your benefit.

July 2012
We celebrated the 4th of July, then Brian's Birthday, then Hayden's 6th birthday and then our 13th anniversary of meeting each other.

I learned I can handle all of this stuff. And then....I GOT A PROMOTION AND A RAISE which helped start the process of fixing our financial problems. For the record our "problems" weren't as bad as a lot of other peoples problems. We weren't hugely in debt, losing a home or out of work like most. We were just struggling with household bills, only having one vehicle when we really needed two, and picking ourselves up after some other issues. Our problems were an easier fix than most and with the promotion we were able to fix these issues quickly.

August 2012
In August we started recording our sixth album Amor Fati. I learned a lot about how different recording experiences can be from one guitar player, to one producer, to one studio, to the next. I also learned that I was not cursed with getting sick before recording any longer like I had been the last five recording experiences. We took a vacation at the end of August to visit Brian's family in Washington state. It was a hectic trip but we got to spend some quality time together in Portland that was nice. I learned that even in Washington, it can't rain all the time. Visiting the rose gardens in Portland was one of my favorite things we did this year.

September 2012
In September I learned that my approach of being direct is good in business. An unfortunate lesson was that sometimes people suffer silently when they should really reach out to those around them.
At the end of September I learned not to be scared of buying stuff on eBay. Like a car. I purchased a vehicle from an eBay motors auction and ended up getting an awesome deal for half of blue book value. I celebrated with a fancy manicure and white wine. Then we took a road trip to California to pick up the new car whom I think I will name Green Disco. On that trip we reconnected with our always amazing friends Heather and Steve, parents of Hayden's BFF Julian.

October 2012
We learned how amazing the Springs Preserve is. We learned that 1st grade homework is no joke. We celebrated our 13th anniversary together. We had a blast on Halloween.

November 2012
I learned that I valued the opportunity to vote more than I expected.
Hayden learned that snow tastes like ice.

We played some amazing shows and attended an amazing Deftones show.  We celebrated Hanksgiving with good friends. Hayden learned to mix foods to get great tastes like carrots and onion dip. He also won his first electric guitar from a great locally owned music store.

December 2012
This month has been a month of gratitude for such a great year. We celebrated an amazing Christmas together and reminded ourselves that our lives together are pretty amazing.

I really feel like I use the words amazing and awesome a lot. I'm not worried about it though cause I'm HAPPY and GRATEFUL for every little bit of this life I get to have.
This year we tackled some problems and knocked them right out of our lives.
We upgraded some material things, visited family, taught a lot of valuable lessons to our child, worked hard to push forward with progress in the band, and cultivated important friendships with valuable amazing people.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas 2012 Redux

This Christmas has been the best yet. We had an amazing Christmas Eve dinner with our friends AJ, Chris, Dave, Rob, Claudia and her children Anthony and Vivian.
I love having a full house and doing my best at playing hostess to appease the part of me that wants to be domestic and another part of me that wishes for a bigger family. I got busy in the kitchen all day and didn't really get everything done that I had hoped to but everyone enjoyed the food and had fun for as far as I could tell.  I made a beef roast, ham, green bean casserole, mashed potatoes with cranberry sauce and Claudia brought over some amazing enchiladas. We ate, chatted, laughed and exchanged some gifts.

For the last month and a half Hayden had been counting down the days till Christmas. He would mark off the days on the calendar and remind us how many were left. This was the first year he was THAT excited. The so excited that he got super hyper around everyone and the so excited that he couldn't sleep on Christmas Eve. He's been singing all the time. Sometimes Christmas songs he's heard on movies, heard me practice in the shower and sometimes little songs he made himself.

At about 6:45am he came rushing into our room to use the bathroom. He came to cuddle with us and Brian asked if he had seen what Santa had brought yet and he said he hadn't. I was waking up slowly but hadn't opened my eyes yet when I heard his little feet run down the stairs. A few minutes later he came running back up. He whispered to Brian "DADDY, he brought me both the ninjas I asked for and a bunch of movies!"

We both got up and dressed and rushed down the stairs to revel in his excitement.

After presents and breakfast we spent the day watching new movies, building legos together, drawing on the chalkboard of Hayden's new desk, and enjoying every single minute of it.

I hope everyone had an amazing Christmas!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Monday, December 17, 2012

Weekend Redux: Heavy Hearts and Sick Boys

As most parents/people this weekend my heart was heavy with sadness for the victims in Newtown.
Hayden was home sick on Friday with Brian. We were all not feeling well.

We spent most this weekend bundled up appreciating each other.
Hayden's counting down the days to Christmas while Brian and I are finishing up our shopping.

Hayden had suggested I paint my toe nails green and red. So I did.

Both polishes were presents from Brian last Christmas. 

Hayden fell asleep cuddling with me on the couch last night after a day of costume changes and running around pretending to be Super Hayden.

I am so thankful for my little family and our time together. He's growing so fast I don't want to miss a thing.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Weekend Redux: Winter fun

On Friday Hayden received an award for perfect attendance. We also tried some of the positive reinforcement on Thursday for homework, and it worked. We're waiting on the results of his test to see how well.

Saturday was Brian's work holiday party. Every year they have it at the Red Rock's Penthouse suite. It's a beautiful place.
We got dressed up exceptionally nice, and then totally forgot to take pictures.
We had such a great time we just spaced it.

Yesterday we turned my cluttered office into a guest room. I cleaned out lots of junk and organized the crap outta the remaining things. It still needs a little more sprucing up with actual design involved, but that can wait since no one is coming to stay in there any time soon.

Brian got me a beautiful bouquet of roses just cause.

We had a wonderful weekend and we're getting ready for the holidays.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Grounding and Parenthood

On Monday I got a call from Hayden. He was in trouble at school for not doing his work and talking through a test. I explained how he needs to focus, get his work done, and be good.
We grounded him from video games and TV hoping that would show how serious it is that he's not doing his school work. The next morning he was sitting at the kitchen table with a dozen lego things he built and I asked him "What did you learn from yesterday?" He said "Having no TV and Video games is boring..."
We chatted a bit more about how important it is to do school work, and how he doesn't get to have the fun stuff if he doesn't do the work.

It's not just at school though. At home with the homework he throws fits, cries, and just plain doesn't want to do it. We've tried threats of taking away Angry Birds, no Christmas, and grounding to no avail.
It's been a couple months of off and on struggles with the homework.

Last night I was watching the recent episode of Parenthood and they had a scene where two moms were talking and one asked the other how she got her kid to do the work. She pulled out a huge thing of candy and said "We bribe."  She also said "As a parent you shouldn't feel guilty for doing what works."

My goal now is to try more of the positive reinforcement and bribing. I'm at my wits end with this struggle and I really don't know what else to do to get through to him.

Monday, November 26, 2012

4 Day Hanksgiving Weekend Redux

We had an amazing weekend as usual. The four days off were great.

For Hanksgiving we had some good friends over to enjoy my domestic-ness. I made a full traditional holiday dinner. My favorite was the dessert of baked stuffed apples with ice cream (recipe below).
Hayden doesn't eat any of the foods that are included in the traditional dinner except the pumpkin pie. We did convince him to try onion dip. He's up there in the pic mixing onion dip, chips, and carrots. He savored the flavors with his eyes closed like the character from Ratatouille.
Our friend Calvin took a great family pic for us as well as the golden turkey picture.

Our tradition is to put up our Christmas decorations the day after Thanksgiving. Hayden was on it. I played video games a little too long for his taste so he recruited Brian to get the new tree out of the box and start pressuring me to do the rest. We got the new tree up and decorated within an hour.

I love that Hayden is so into decorating for the holidays and that Brian and I have done a good job creating our own little traditions.

Over the long weekend Hayden wanted to play some board games. This revelation is a first and I am totally stoked for it. He discovered Scrabble and we played twice.

On Saturday we chilled for a bit, drank some awesome coffee topped with whip cream, watched some lame movies and then headed downtown to support some small businesses. One of them is the amazing Cowtown Guitars. When I was in high school here in Las Vegas they were one of the few music gear stores in town. I worked down the street from the shop at a used cd store and would see the local bands hanging out there.
I wasn't in a band yet so I felt like it was this sacred place for cool musicians and would sometimes go in just to feel a little closer to cool.
Well, on Saturday they were giving away guitars in support of Small Business Saturday. Hayden won an awesome Ibanez Gio (SG style) electric guitar. At first Brian and I were way more excited for it than him, but once we got it home he didn't want to stop playing.
Thanks to Roxie and Jesse at Cowtown, you got a customer for life!

So yeah, our weekend was awesome.

Baked Apple Recipe
6 large apples
Instant Oatmeal (1 package) - I used cinnamon swirl
2/3 cup raisins
1/4 teaspoon nutmeg
6 tablespoons butter/margarine
1/2 teaspoon cinnamon
1 cup brown sugar
Lemon Juice

Core the 6 apples and place in a large casserole dish.
Sprinkle with lemon juice.

Mix Oatmeal, spices, butter, raisins and brown sugar. Stuff apples.
Bake at 420 for 25 minutes.
We topped them with Vanilla bean ice cream and whipped cream.

Thursday, November 22, 2012


I am thankful for so much. My wonderful family, amazing friends,  great career, a fun and talented band and all the happiness my life is full of.

I sat down this morning to explain Thanksgiving to my son.  I wanted to know what he thought of it. He said it was a day to eat food and have a party. He's not wrong. We do this every year.

I tried to tell him about the Pilgrims and the real history of this celebration.
He said " I know Mom, we read a book in school called The First Thanksgiving," complete with eye rolls.
He told me the cookie cutter version.
I expounded with the history of the Native Americans and how even though the Pilgrims and the English came into their land as strangers they helped the pilgrims survive.

 This is Massasoit, read about his legacy on wikipedia.  He prevented the failure of Plymouth Colony and the almost certain starvation of the Pilgrims. He kept his people from converting to Christianity. He pushed peace between tribes and the English. He was a great man, and the main reason there is Thanksgiving.

The sad facts of American history are too much to explain to a six year old but I do want him to know as much truth as he can comprehend. He wanted to know more about the Native Americans, but after a few more sentences, he got bored and ran upstairs to play video games.

I hope everyone is having a great Thanksgiving. Be mindful of our history in this country but grateful that we've come far for human rights. We have even further to go still and I believe we are a country changing for the better.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Domestic Rockstar Holiday Wishlist

I've compiled a cool little list of awesome gifts to keep in mind for the Domestic Rockstar in your life.

1. Ciat Velvet Manicure in Berry Poncho- This manicure set is only $19.00. For the lady that likes to do her nails herself but wants a luxurious texture.

2. BLACK SKULL NECKLACE USB Flash Drive - This awesome black skull pendant doubles as an 8g USB flash drive. It comes in the sweet little black box and is only $12.99 Perfect for the techie rockstar.

3. Yahtzee The Nightmare Before Christmas - Who doesn't love Nightmare Before Christmas and YAHTZEE? As low as $13.33 this is a great family gift.

4. SKULL MARTINI Glass- This rocking martini glass comes 1 per package at $7.34 a piece.

5. Victoria's Secret Love Rocks Lotion-Victoria's Secret makes the best lotions. This one is an alluring scent that stays on for hours. Starts at $15.40.

6. Nadia G's Bitchin' Kitchen: Cookin' for Trouble- Nadia G is a rockstar in the kitchen! This is one of her awesome cookbooks. Starts at $13.25

7. Iron Fist American Nightmare Bag Purse - This big 'ol bag is wicked. It's big enough for the mom gear, and the music gear. $50.

8. Kat Von D Shade Shifter Eyeshadow - I'm not one to usually spend so much on an eyeshadow, but this color is one of a kind and totally worth the splurge. Starts at $16.00

9. Hanging Glass Globe Terrarium with Air Plant - This cute little terrarium can be hung on a nice cord of hemp, or a chain and features a very low maintenance air plant.

10. Mastodon T-shirt- One of my favorite bands. Most metal/rock fans would love a new shirt to add to their collection. This one starts at only $14.99

Monday, November 19, 2012

Weekend Redux: Amazement

We had such an amazing weekend. Saturday we played an awesome show at the Cheyenne Saloon. Our friends came out and supported us and we made some new fans.
It's our last show of the year as we take a break to celebrate the holidays.

Our good friend Daniel came in from Sacramento to see a concert with us on Sunday. He rocks a killer stache and Hayden think's it gives him super powers. He dressed up with a stache of his own and proceeded to run around the house hurting invisible bad guys.

That evening we got to see our favorite band Deftones at the House of Blues. It was awesome. They always put on a great show, and the venue was packed with screaming, sweaty, fans wanting to take away an amazing experience.
At the Deftones show we attended last June, we met our guitar player Rob. He was parked next to us and Brian started up a conversation with him as he was stuck in a line of cars trying to get out of the parking garage. He gave Brian his phone number and two days later our previous guitar player Dave quit. A month later Rob was in the band and played his first show with us.

We had such a wonderful time this weekend but it didn't include a lot of sleep so we're dragging today.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Fact: It snows in Las Vegas

We moved here in 2008 from Sacramento, CA. Every November or December since it snows at least once here.

Hayden loves it. It snowed a little bit on Saturday here and he just wanted to eat it all.
It didn't stick enough so we could play in it but we had fun running around.

It's starting to get chilly and we actually had to turn on the heat in the house. We bought a new TV last week so we've been curling up under blankets and watching too much tv together lately.
I've been doing some housekeeping here on my site with ads over there to your right and working on a better system for organizing my posts.
I also have been working on the band site, some advertising for us, and then we were able to get our new album up in our store here: bipolar music store.

I love having a laptop.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Things I Love Thursday for November

Lately I feel like I've been doing a lot exhaling. A lot of looking around and being grateful for all the amazing stuff in my life. These are the things I LOVE. Absolutely LOVE with a high squeaky voice, rosy cheeks and really big hugs!
My wonderful husband with whom my relationship is better than it ever has been. My son who is so smart, loving, and just plain perfect. My friends who fill our lives with support, fun, and appreciation. My career which has finally gotten to me a place where I can grow and be financially stable.
Thank you 2012 for being MY year. Here's to 2013 being even better!!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

To Vote or Not To Vote

The fact that voter records are public is one of the main reasons I don't like to vote.
I don't like the phone calls, the mail, and all the crap that the greedy people who get my public information do with it.
It's my right to vote, but it's also my right not to be pestered. 
During Woodrow Wilson's term hundreds of women fought for my right to vote. They were beaten, arrested, and publicly humiliated. And here I am complaining about some extra mail.

 For the most part I've kept my opinions to myself. But I live in a battleground state here in Nevada and this is the first time that I feel like vote might actually matter.  So I am voting today for the first time.

And even though I don't care much for Lena Dunham, I did like her commercial and thought it was ridiculous that there was a controversy over it.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween 2012

Last night was an unusually quiet Halloween for us. We usually have a house full but last night we only had a few guests. It was nice though.
Hayden had talked about his costume for a couple months. He had originally wanted to be either an Angry Bird or a Ninja. When we went costume shopping two weeks ago we were browsing through some ninja costumes and Hayden was disappointed "These ninja's look cheap!"  He was right.
When we went to the party store he saw lots of costumes that he liked that were just too expensive. Then he found THE ONE.
It was perfect.

He found a Star Wars character: Savage Opress. They only had two sizes and one was his.

We had decorated way more than ever before this year. A lot of the smaller kids didn't want to walk up at all. One little girl was crying the whole time she walked up to our door, took the candy and ran!
Hayden really had a blast handing out candy, scaring the kids with our smoke machine, and the mustache I had found while we were trick-or-treating.
Our neighbors also decorated pretty well. Our two houses were the best in the whole housing complex.
We had a blast!

Friday we're hosting a Zombie Party for our Cd Release show. I'm getting some great ideas for makeup and an outfit!

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

On How I Cheated on Opera with Metal and my annoying coworker

There's this one lady who I work with. She's a lady that watches Dances with the Stars, American Idol, and wants to talk about it ALL. THE. TIME.
She knows I am in a band and starts conversations with me about the most random things.
Today it was a singer that she had heard of and she asked me if I liked her. The conversation quickly took a left turn into "If you studied Opera in high school how could you switch to Metal?"  That last word she said with a menacing grimace like I had switched from Dr. Pepper to Mr. Pibb and liked it.
I gave her the best rushed answer I could since I feel like if she stands near me too long I might say things that will make her ears bleed.

The real answer is this:
While in high school I may have been going to class to learn opera, concert choir, and Italian arias, but at home, in the shower and on Fridays in front of my class I was singing lots of Sublime, Bloodhound Gang, and Pearl Jam.
I was mostly into punk when Brian and I met in 1999. He was into metal. He had a drum set in his closet collecting dust and awesome stories of all the bands he had been in.
I had a zine and a drive to learn how to write music.
I had been driving him to jam with his bass player friend for a few months by the time we moved into our first apartment together in Sacramento. I had asked Brian and his friend if they would consider trying me out as a singer once they found a guitar player.
That apparently fell on deaf ears. A month later he answered an ad for a guitar player and a singer looking for a drummer and bass player. I was really hurt and he acted like he had totally forgotten that I had asked.
Brian told me that I couldn't be a singer without my own p.a. So being the determined person I am, I went to Skips music and bought an entire p.a. setup. Don't dare tell me I can't do something especially when it only requires a purchase. I am a woman who shops.
I set it up in our extra room and told him that if he didn't want to try me out, I would get good and find a band who did.
Brian went and played with them and I didn't care much for any of it. A lot of things upset me about the situation but mostly I came to the conclusion that I couldn't be the drummers girlfriend. I'm just not capable of it.
At this point we had been together for 6 months and was ready to call it quits.
Then about a few weeks later after a few practices where their singer didn't show up and I made up shit on his microphone the guitar player Steve called Brian. He told him he couldn't play with the singer anymore and he really wanted to give me a shot. Brian talked to me about it and we figured we'd give it a chance even though we knew we'd hear No Doubt jokes for days.
So that's how I became a metal singer.
Well there was a lot of bad ad-libbed punk lyrics over metal guitar riffs and double bass drums that slowly evolved into metal. Then lots of drunk shows, practicing in a steel storage unit in the really cold winters, having to use the same microphone after another female singer masturbated on stage with it, puking into velvet curtains on stage after being stuck in the xtracab of a truck for 4 hours in traffic, practicing in the same hall from one of my favorite bands ever, and a bunch of other stuff I won't bore you with now at least.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Weekend Redux: October-ness

We had a pretty awesome weekend. Friday our good friend Dave invited us to a burrito party he had won at a local restaurant. He got a 4 foot burrito for six friends. We had berry mojitos, coconut margaritas and a bunch of fun.

Saturday we visited the Springs Preserve. I don't know why we didn't go there sooner. It was so beautiful and a lot of fun for the three of us. The preserve features history of the Las Vegas Valley, the animals that currently and formerly lived here, as well as great information about plants that do well here.
They had the grounds decorated for Halloween even though we were too early for the Haunted Harvest.

 Hayden was exhausted from the three hours of walking and learning so after the preserve we hung out at home watching Halloween movies.

Sunday we made our pumpkins. Hayden had picked out a small pumpkin and decided he wanted to make it a pig from Angry Birds. He of course didn't want to do the work, so mom and dad created it for him.
Then  I murdered a pumpkin with my bare hands and ripped out his guts while Brian and Hayden watched in disgust. Neither one of my boys likes to get their hands dirty, ridiculous I know. But I love it and he came out pretty cool.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Teacher Conference

There's lots of things people don't share with you while you're pregnant like hemorrhoids, costs of daycare, temper tantrums in public places, and first grade homework.
There's a part of me that wanted to write that in all caps FIRST GRADE HOMEWORK so you will all understand my need to yell it.
I don't remember a lot of first grade other than getting my mouth washed out with soap for telling the teacher "my mom says to fuck off" or something of that nature when I was asked to turn in a homework project that required my parent's participation.

Now, my first grader who hasn't come to enjoy reading or writing very much yet has at least an hour or so of homework four nights a week and is required to read twenty minutes a day right now.
I don't disagree with this at all. I am glad he's being challenged and I am glad the homework needs us parents to be involved.
I am however at my wits end with this child who says "I DON'T WANNA!!!", cries a lot and then makes his body go limp and lies in the middle of the living room floor at the sight of a book or flash cards.

We had a teacher conference Monday evening. She reported on his progress; needs work on writing, and reading, is great at math. We talked about his behavior in class and participation which was good, but then she showed us some of his work that just wasn't done. Apparently the not wanting to do stuff attitude happens in class as well. She made a deal with him like we have at home and starting today we will see if it works.

He's really the opposite of me when it comes to school work, reading and writing. I loved it and revelled in the escape of filling notebooks with stories alone in my room. He'd rather do anything else.

I tried explaining that in life you can't just give up and say "I don't wanna." If I did that I wouldn't have a career and we'd probably live on the street. He answered with "As long as we can plug in our tv and the Playstation."

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Weekend Redux: Random Fall Stuff

We've been busy with wrapping up the packaging and mix for our new cd. I designed up a quick website for the band here: and Brian's been working a lot. But we still have time to enjoy the little things of early fall.

The little ghost is a candle my grandma gave me about 6 years ago. It reminds me of when her house was decorated to the extreme for every holiday. I've tried my best to keep her tradition going in my house.
The skull and book cookie jar I found at World Market and will be a year round addition to my kitchen.
The fourth picture is of the movie poster for the 1979 edition of Nosferatu which is one of my favorite posters and old scary movies.

We have some fun Halloween and fall stuff planned for this week if work and other stuff don't get in the way.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

FALL Wishlist

It's getting chilly, and a little rainy here in Vegas. Since I had to do a whole wardrobe overhaul before Summer most of my Fall clothing is outdated as well. I've been window internet wishlist shopping for weeks and actually bought a few things last payday, but now I need to stock up on warmer wear before it's too late and I'm wearing blankets all the time.

1. Grey Faux Leather Boots. 2. Brown knit scarf. 3. Black Bootines 4. Double Breasted Jacket  5. Leaf necklace. 6. Grey Skinnies. 7. Cream Swing Dress 8. Flutter Skirt. 9. Long Marled Cardigan 10. Studded Tote.