Friday, March 7, 2014

Things musicians should read

1. 17 annoying things you do that make your bandmates secretly hate you
Personally, 17 is probably my magic number.

2. Reasons why local artists don't get signed.
Most of these are no-brainers but even if you feel you're not one of the "local artists" every artist could use to do more of what works.

3. Marty Friedman's advice to up and coming guitarists. 
The zinger is that he says not to write instrumental music. Mostly because there's a small amount of people who are into it.

4. 5 Lessons to learn from Local bands
Again a list of no-brainers but still some people don't get it.

5. Give away music for free.
This is sage advice for bands just starting out. You want to get your music in as many hands as possible so diy reproduction and burning is the cheapest way. Be smart when giving your music away, don't waste it on uninterested people cause nothing can crush your dreams faster than seeing your cd on the ground, cracked with a piece of chewed gum stuck to it.

6. Advice from Chris Adler of Lamb of God.
Originally a bass player, now a drummer and producer this guy has a resume that should make you want to read what he has to say. 

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  1. Why no posts for ages? Your fans miss you!