Thursday, September 25, 2014

That cute puppy, she's a jerk, or things I learned about dog training

Apparently dogs don't have any shame, no matter how sad they look. With this new knowledge I have no shame in calling out my asshole little girl now.
She has been one thousand times more difficult of a puppy than Barley ever was.
She still chews, digs, poops in inappropriate places and doesn't listen at all. At least it's not runny and on the carpet.

I've spent more time on Cesar Millan's site looking up advice than I have spent sleeping the last few weeks.
One of the hardest things to remember is that unless you catch them doing it they have no idea why you're ranting and raving at them. Especially when you find a surprise hours after it happened.

The last couple weeks have been a little better with me enforcing as much of my research as possible.

I have taken away some key points:

• Don't take it personally. They aren't hardwired to hold vendettas for leaving them alone or punishing them for something else. They have small attention spans at younger ages like toddlers.

• Don't yell. Talk to them firmly and in an even tone. Which can be difficult at times of heated disappointment but is necessary to keep yourself in line as well.

• When they do bad correct them with then revert their bad behavior by encouraging good behavior. Like taking away something they aren't suppose to chew on, saying NO then handing them a chew toy and saying "GOOD dog!"

If you leave a puppy under the age of 18 months unsupervised whatever they do is your own damn fault. 

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