Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween 2012

Last night was an unusually quiet Halloween for us. We usually have a house full but last night we only had a few guests. It was nice though.
Hayden had talked about his costume for a couple months. He had originally wanted to be either an Angry Bird or a Ninja. When we went costume shopping two weeks ago we were browsing through some ninja costumes and Hayden was disappointed "These ninja's look cheap!"  He was right.
When we went to the party store he saw lots of costumes that he liked that were just too expensive. Then he found THE ONE.
It was perfect.

He found a Star Wars character: Savage Opress. They only had two sizes and one was his.

We had decorated way more than ever before this year. A lot of the smaller kids didn't want to walk up at all. One little girl was crying the whole time she walked up to our door, took the candy and ran!
Hayden really had a blast handing out candy, scaring the kids with our smoke machine, and the mustache I had found while we were trick-or-treating.
Our neighbors also decorated pretty well. Our two houses were the best in the whole housing complex.
We had a blast!

Friday we're hosting a Zombie Party for our Cd Release show. I'm getting some great ideas for makeup and an outfit!

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