Wednesday, November 6, 2013

The Best Times of Our Lives

Look at that kid up there, that smile, it kills me. 
Brian keeps saying that these times right now are the best times of our lives. I kind of agree. Kind of just because I hope those times over there are going to be the best too.
Things have been up and down this year emotionally for us with loss of family being the low and great things for our band and careers being the high.
Right now we're moving forward in a positive pace and things seem to be chugging along smoothly. With that being said the pessimist in me is waiting for the other shoe to drop. Even if it does I know my wonderful husband will be there to pick it up for me.
It's no secret that if you choose to think positively your life will be filled with happiness and positive reactions. That's totally worked for us. We eliminated the drama, negative forces a couple years ago and so far so good on the positive flow ebbing in. Not to say everything is honky dory every second of every day and we don't have stress, disagreements or bad days. We do, we face them head on, but now with the change of thought and the "best times of our lives" greeting us every hard time is a little easier to handle.

The band is on to good things as well. With a celebration of being a band for ten years we've taken a stronger approach on making positive things happen.
Two years ago we returned to the stage of the Boardwalk in Sacramento after being away in Vegas for three years. Now, we're headed back. This time though, we're playing at the fabulous Harlow's.
We're hoping our friends will show up and help us celebrate this milestone.
We've also been getting better shows here in Vegas and earning a reputation as a hard working band.

So my advice to those in a hard time or a lull is to chin up. Things WILL get better. But they don't get better on their own unless you're pushing away the negative and pulling in the positive. Reduce that negative self-thinking.

I found this quote on and its so fitting right now I think.

“I sincerely believe that energy grows from itself and the more energy you expand the more you create within yourself. I also believe that energy is habit — which can be created quite easily. In other words, use your energy and more energy flows and then it is very hard to stop it — as if one would ever want to!” (Diana Vreeland)

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