Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween 2013

Every year Hayden's enthusiasm for Halloween just grows and grows which is great since my enthusiasm is beyond imaginable.
 Hayden dressed as Ratchet his favorite video game character. He was so excited that he saw no other kids with the same costume.

I tried my hand at some scary skeleton makeup, per a youtube tutorial. I ran out of the stuff I needed most so I tried to make the best of it.

Brian took Hayden trick or treating while I handed out candy. It was great seeing all the neighborhood kids. Our house was completely decked out and I had bought a shit-ton of candy. We had so many kids we ran out at like 8:30pm. We refilled with one more bag and had kids until 9:15.

Even Barley got dressed up as a football player.

I made mini caramel apples for our friends. They were great and super easy to make.

The night before Hayden and I carved the pumpkin and it came out not too shabby for a freehand design.

Overall our Halloween was pretty great. We finished our night with some scary movies and Hayden was so tired he passed out around 8:30.
Hope everyone else had a great Halloween.

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