Friday, December 20, 2013

I am an adler

According to Celtic Astrology you were born under the Alder moon, the fourth moon/month in the Celtic calendar, a time of new growth and rebirth and finding a balance between work and play. Alders have a defence against rotting in water and are used to build bridges, boats, wooden shoes/clogs and milk jugs and was considered to be a crime to fell an alder, as the angry tree spirit was believed to burn down dwellings.

Being born at this time professes that you are the doers of the Celtic Zodiac. This is the time to make your business and academic ventures work, to sew the seeds of success. You are a busy person who likes to take on new projects. You must however allow yourself to take time out other wise you may find yourself burnt out and having to rebuild again and again.

Animal: Bear
In Celtic Astrology the animal associated with March 18 – April 14 is the Bear whose Gaelic name is Art (pronounced as AiRCH). (Cutios is the Celtic name for this season and means windy time.)

Bear people are primitively powerful, courageous, playful and extrovert with an inherited sixth sense, they are sensitive to the mystical side of life and very connected to their native roots. They are extremely protective of their loved ones, have a great sense of adventure and like to roam the land.

Google Celtic Astrology to find what your tree is.

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