Monday, December 16, 2013

Weekend Redux: Last minute road trip to Hollywood

Friday about 1pm I was informed that we would be playing the Whisky A Go Go in Hollywood with Wayne Static on Saturday. The four of us were stoked. We rushed around to get our shit ready and hit the road at 6am Saturday morning.
I booked us rooms at an awesome hotel called The Grafton on Sunset. The rooms were beautiful and the staff was extremely accommodating.

We had some drama with a girl that was [thisclose] to getting throat-punched but instead of getting arrested I opted for leaving and enjoying my night in Hollywood. We went to go prepare for the show at the venue and left her drama ass at the hotel.

We walked around the Sunset strip. The weather was an amazing 70+ degrees while Vegas was a very cold 50 something.

The Whisky was packed and we had an awesome show. The crowd showed us lots of love and we were placed in an awesome spot on the bill. The Defiled played after us and Wayne Static was after them. They used some of our gear as you can see below.

Overall the trip was a good one and we had a blast. We made some new friends/fans and got to enjoy the Cali weather for the weekend.

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