Friday, July 15, 2011

Downtown Stroll

Yesterday for lunch my friend/co-worker Kelly and I went downtown to check out a Farmer's Market on Fremont Street.
It was a little lackluster for a Farmer's Market. There were only a handful of vendors and it seemed like they only had onions, peppers, and herbs. 
Although one man had some local honey. His sign said he had honey sticks, but alas was sold out to my disappointment.

After the whole two minutes it took to stroll around the market we headed over to The Beat Coffee House and had lunch. I had an amazing beef brisket sandwich.
When we were done we perused the art galleries on the upper two floors.
While walking back to Kelly's car in the El Cortez parking lot we cut through and I spotted this.
Kenny Rogers just makes me laugh...thanks Will Sasso and Mad TV!

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