Thursday, July 21, 2011


Today my little boy is five. 
 @ 2 Days
 @ 5 years

He came rushing into our bedroom at about 6:30am letting us know today was his birthday. We groggily sang him happy birthday.
Five minutes later he freaked out about how we needed to buy a Pet Rider (a car seat cover) for Barley.
"It's a PET RIDER! And Barley can ride in the CAR WITH US and not get hair all over the place. It's only 99." He rewound the commercial so we could see this amazing thing we needed to have. It was $14.99. The dog in the commercial looks just like Barley, so I can understand the enthusiasm.
It was extremely cute but hopefully not a foreshadowing of a life buying crap off TV.  Maybe it's time to sit him down and make him watch Hoarders.

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