Friday, July 1, 2011

State of Rock N Roll?

So, Rob Zombie asked a question on Facebook : This is a serious question so please give me serious answers. What has happened to rock music? Why does it seem to be dying in the world? Country, Rap or pop music all seems to be more popular. What is the fucking deal? Any thoughts?
It was answered by 1,518 fans in a matter of two hours. I answered too however I know my words will be lost in that ocean.
So I wanted to pose that question here to my readers. Do you feel that rock is dying?
My answer is :
I disagree that it is dying. I have been in an unsigned/DIY metal band (bipolar) for 8 years in two different music scenes (Northern Cali & Las Vegas) There are thousands of rock/metal bands that are out there putting out amazing music and playing great shows, but the music industry itself has become a completely different machine then it was 10 years ago. The big labels are obsolete to the modern rock/metal bands and the term "mainstream" has a different meaning now. Sure MTV dropped it's music programming, but Youtube is providing all levels of metal/rock bands a utility for showcasing their music. Radio stations are being replaced with ipods and satellite radio. It's all a matter of promoting and marketing much smarter (not harder) than before. Evolution has been happening in rock since it's birth, it's just a matter of evolving along with it or fading away with the dinosaurs.

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  1. I truly hope that your comment DOESN'T get lost because it's fab. If it had been me who saw the comment, I likely would have agreed. I work for a company that owns two radio stations a rock station (where my heart is) and a "today's best music station" which is the one I'm on. Probably my closest friend at the station and the morning show host on the rock station is constantly complaining that they don't have much "new rock",and the reasoning behind it? There's not a lot coming out. The rap/pop artists coming out are for the most part novelty acts, no longevity. Meanwhile, I LOVE my classic rock but that generation can't carry on forever. So what will we be left with? A plastic Lady Gaga, and and overweight Rihanna wearing bondage gear...Perhaps Rob Zombie WILL read your comment, I truly believe it would benefit the rock world. Perhaps the legends, the Rob Zombies, the Alice Coopers (had to give mention of my fave :P )they'll see the problem and stand on their musical pedestals and guide the up and comers. Your comment may help save Rock.