Monday, October 10, 2011


Today is our 12 year anniversary. 

This picture was taken on our 2nd date in 1999.
We played video games at the bowling alley arcade.

This was in Truckee in 2005. 
We took Barley to the snow for the first time.

This was taken on our couch in Sacramento in 2007.  

This was at my high school reunion in 2008. (I have no idea what's up with my half opened eyes)

This was our 9th anniversary in 2008.
We went to the movies then to the Double Down and drank a lot.

This is from my friend Julianne's wedding a few months ago. 

Twelve years is never what either one of us expected when we first started hanging out. Definitely not what we expected on our first date watching Fight Club on opening night.

We've been best friends and partners so long now neither one of us can imagine what our
lives would be like if we hadn't met. Even with a strong love for each other that might seem unshakeable we are people who both have emotions, expectations and insecurities. Every now and then bad days sneak their way into our bliss but we're working through them and for every tremor our foundation gets stronger. 
To this day we've never spent an entire 24 hour period away from each other. I don't think we can. 
Some force of magnetic energy just pulls us together, even when we can't stand one another. 
It's usually how we fix our issues and move on. 

We're taking a trip to the Pacific Northwest this weekend to visit Brian's family 
and cuddle up together in the rain.

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