Thursday, September 6, 2012

"First Grade is AWESOME!"

That's what Hayden said after the first week of school. I was shocked too.
 This kid who cried hysterically on the first day of school last year was THE ONLY KID crying that day. This kid who told everyone who asked for at least three whole months that he didn't like school at all. This kid who when we asked him what he did during his day he said "nothing" at least for the first six months of kindergarten. This kid who we thought wasn't really in kindergarten but a secret fight club throwing punches with Edward Norton.
He's changed.

He actually LOVES school now. He loves that he knows some of the kids in his class from last year. He loves that his class theme is PIRATES. He loves that he gets to have recess and play with his friends in other classes. He loves that he gets to eat lunch that I make him everyday (which I really love too). He likes the activities he does in class and actually tells us what he does now.
He also likes the after school program where he gets to play games with kids of different ages, and watch the occasional movie.

I am beyond happy with all this. I was worried he would be the kid flipping out in the corner hating everyone because his horrible parents made him go to school with strangers. ALL. DAY.
But he's not. He's doing great and in turn Brian and I are doing great!

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