Monday, December 10, 2012

Weekend Redux: Winter fun

On Friday Hayden received an award for perfect attendance. We also tried some of the positive reinforcement on Thursday for homework, and it worked. We're waiting on the results of his test to see how well.

Saturday was Brian's work holiday party. Every year they have it at the Red Rock's Penthouse suite. It's a beautiful place.
We got dressed up exceptionally nice, and then totally forgot to take pictures.
We had such a great time we just spaced it.

Yesterday we turned my cluttered office into a guest room. I cleaned out lots of junk and organized the crap outta the remaining things. It still needs a little more sprucing up with actual design involved, but that can wait since no one is coming to stay in there any time soon.

Brian got me a beautiful bouquet of roses just cause.

We had a wonderful weekend and we're getting ready for the holidays.

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