Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Healthy (metal) Living: Trying a Diet

If you look to the left you'll see a link to a book I bought recently: Flat Belly Diet. Thanks to my awesome gift giving guitar player (say that three times fast) who gave me a gift card to Barnes And Noble I picked out this book in the bargain section to give it a try.
I walked around the store for over an hour with a handful of books. This one I set down at least four times and then came back to it. Making the final decision as I stood in line.
Unlike most women my age when I look back at pictures of my twenties or teens I don't wish I had that body again. I was twenty pounds heavier at 19 than I am now. I was two sizes bigger and had struggled with my weight since eighth grade.
After I had Hayden in 2006, for the first time in my life I tried to lose weight. I started with Namaste Yoga: Season One  while I was on maternity leave. I had been super skeptical of my ability to do Yoga. Mostly cause I'm not very coordinated. After watching a few episodes I was convinced and bought myself a Yoga mat and everything. I lost all the pregnancy weight but was determined to lose more.
A few months later I started walking with my coworkers on breaks and started my own version of a low-carb diet. That was the first diet I ever tried.
Within three months I had lost about 28 pounds. The thinnest I had been since eighth grade.
It's been six years. I've only gained eight pounds and a pant size back but I lost the muscle tone that I had due to lack of exercise.
My belly has always been an issue. Never in my life, not even as a baby have I had a "flat" belly. My father's ex-wife used to call it a "pooch" and she wondered why I wore baggy clothes in high school.  I hated it.
No matter how many crunches, sit ups, or exercising I would do it never be flat.
So when I saw a book entitled Flat Belly Diet that claimed no exercise necessary, I thought for $6, it might be worth a try.
I started on Friday with the four day induction, as of this morning I lost four pounds.
So far, so good. I'll try and post updates as I go.

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