Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The picky-ness WILL END

I remember this look my friend Jimmy gave me when I was in his kitchen cooking Hayden some meal for breakfast while we were there visiting.  It started with an eye roll and then it moved to me hearing this in my head "Really?! You're making him that crap while my perfect NON picky kids are eating blueberries and cereal for breakfast?"
Yes, my kid is THAT picky. I've tried for four years now to break him of it, but it just hasn't worked. I've struggled getting him to try new things, I've read numerous "solutions" and taken dozens of suggestions. Nothing has worked.
His palette consists of less than ten things he'll eat without a fight.
On New Years Eve as a family we sat down and discussed this problem. Hayden really likes these cheap microwave meals that are pretty much crap wrapped up in nugget form with some corn.
I read Hayden the ingredients and explained what some of them were and why they were bad for him.
That officially freaked him out. He's no longer into these meals (for now at least).
I also told him he needed to try some new things for the new year.
So I made him a deal. We made a list of 5 things he wants to try this year. For every new food he tries, he gets a toy worth $20 or less. Here's his list:

1. Bacon
2. Chicken Noodle Soup
3. Scrambled Eggs
4. Rice
5. Spaghetti

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