Thursday, June 20, 2013

School of Hard Rocks: The weirdest road trip

Being a band that can play an out-of-town show successfully is a hard task. Especially when the town you're playing is Hollywood. We had played the Whisky A Go Go back in 2004 and had an amazing experience.
We played in Anaheim in 2009 and had a great experience as well. In 2010 we played in Sacramento which was our best out of town show ever.

In the last nine years things seem to have changed a lot on the Sunset strip.
We had a weird but fun experience last weekend playing at The Roxy in Hollywood. The travel and hanging out with our band mates and friends who joined us was the best. We had a great time riding in a van together and chatting.

When we got to Hollywood the atmosphere was so different. The people at our hotel were rude, the waitress at the Rainbow Bar was super rude, and the crowd at the Roxy was mixed. They had booked us on a show with a bunch of bands who were way younger and radio pop. We're hard rock/metal and their crowd, I'm sure was scared of us.

What's funny though, we're not hard metal wearing corpse paint and leather spikes, but we're hard enough to scare some twelve year old Paramore fans.

We played, we drank, we went back to the hotel.

On our way home the van time was cool. Although we were totally grossed out by a lady in her twenties driving next to us who was picking her nose AND ATE HER BOOGERS. Two of them. After she looked at them.

Overall the experience was a learning one. We have been playing some pretty great shows here at home and the last few have been phenomenal sometimes it takes a road-trip to clear your senses and appreciate the scene at home.

After months of planning, booking, promoting and four hours traveling it's over now and we can say we played the Roxy.

We're gonna focus on new songs, better shows, and a music video now.

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