Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Motherhood and Metal

I use the word Metal lightly. I picture air quotes every time I use it in reference to our music.

This is my mental image of "Metal"

We walk a fine line of being too hard and being not hard enough depending on the company.
We often get stereotyped as only liking metal even by our close friends.
Just because we play hard music though, doesn't mean that's all we listen to or like.
Brian and I have pretty eclectic tastes in music. We are able to share new music with each other on the regular.

Music has been an essential part of our lives. We met on our way to a Crystal Method concert. Our first conversations were of bands we liked and cd's we wanted to swap. Then after being together for only five months we ended up in a band together and now our second band is celebrating it's tenth year.

Our son is growing up in a much more musical household than we did. He sings more than he talks. He hears us singing certain songs and will get them stuck in his head all day.

I ran across this awesome interview with Brody Dalle about her view on motherhood and it speaks volumes very similar to my own.

From the same site I found this article called Music Of Motherhood.

One of my favorite lines
"Facing the motherhood music means looking at ourselves honestly and openly, and embracing, exploring, and navigating the wide-range of motherhood experiences life casts our way."

My soundtrack is much different from my mother's. I've recently been able to see the lessons and the strengths she taught me that for so long I didn't give her credit for.

Each of us has a different soundtrack defining us but it's in our similarities and sharing of experiences that joins us.

How has being a parent changed you?

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