Monday, August 12, 2013


Yesterday Brian and I got all mushy about how quickly our son has grown. I'm sure every parent has those days where you just have to stop, look the kid in the eyes and say "Stop freaking growing."

We got a letter Friday from Hayden's school on what he has in store for second grade. The first day of school is quickly around the corner and he's definitely not excited about it.
His summer was spent being crazy with his best friend Julian and wading in the pool to escape the heat and he's not too excited about the end of the fun.

Last year he was so stressed about the first day of school he kept begging us to not make him go. Then he loved first grade

He's gonna be in for a shock though with so much going on the next week and a half he'll be back in school before he knows it.
We're headed on vacation this Thursday and we're all super excited.

He's at the age now where he remembers so much more than we expect him to. Just this morning we had a conversation about our impending trip and he said he was most excited to ride on the boat. He remembers the boat from three years ago and he specifically likes the little cubby hole perfect for him.

Looking back brings us joy and now he's able to express his memories so clearly it astounds us.

We talk often about the wonderful things he'll remember about home and his parents when he's an adult and about what we remember ourselves. Perception changes as we age but ultimately our goal is happiness and so far so good.


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