Monday, August 5, 2013

Weekend Redux: A Show, A Lesson and a Game

Photo by my coworker Liz

Friday evening we played a show at the Cheyenne Saloon. We haven't played a show since the Roxy experience and we hadn't played the Cheyenne for about four months. Which is a long time for us considering the last year and a half we pretty much played there at least once a month.
The show was a great time with friends and we made some new friends in fellow bands.
We stayed out late, enjoyed our time and played a decent set.

Saturday my friend Ryan had let me borrow his pass to the Vegas Music Summit so I could attend a panel I was interested in. It was about national booking agents and how they put together tour packages, local showcases etc. Overall, it was a good motivational pep talk for me to start trying harder.
Sometimes I stop sending emails, messages, and making phone calls to the top dogs in the scene when I feel like I'm bugging them or they're just not interested in working with us. One of the speakers said "You have to want to kill for this to be successful."
That comment alone lit a fire in me, especially since I had just heard that another band was badmouthing us so they could get better slots on shows we play with them.
My gloves are off.

Sunday consisted of playing lots of Madden '13 and making chicken eggrolls. Yeah, lazy day but I had time to put together a plan of action for the band as well, and now it begins.

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