Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The post about my breasts

My breasts, they came suddenly one night when I was seventeen. So suddenly I had to slather them in royal jelly cream to diminish the stretch marks. So suddenly a couple days after they arrived my ex step-mom said so respectfully "Honey, you need to start wearing a bra. That's ridiculous," as she pointed at my chest. They had gone from an A cup to a C cup overnight and my tom boy self didn't know how to handle it. I eventually bought a bra, got my first real boyfriend, and came to appreciate them.
Then I had a child, while pregnant I went all the way up to a double D. THAT WAS RIDICULOUS. The pain, the swelling, the leaking, the uncomfortable bras all were no fun. Breastfeeding changed them a bit, and when that ridiculousness stopped they went down to a regular D. Between you and me, I like them just the way they are. My husband might love them more than me but that's ok.

A couple weeks ago I had a little health issue. My lymph nodes had been swollen for a week and were causing a lot of pain. I went to my doctor and she was concerned when she felt them so she scheduled me a couple of ultrasounds. She mentioned lymphatic cancer and breast cancer almost as if she wanted me to have a heart attack right there. So my nerves went bezerk. This all happened two days before our planned trip to Disneyland.

Disneyland was a nice distraction but once we returned home my nerves started up again.
I'm 33, I haven't had any major health issues since I was a child yet I've been witness to people going through major health issues and I felt like a wimp. Like a big WIMP.
I was seriously stressed over not knowing. Just having my doctor ask me if anyone in my family has had cancer and or specifically breast cancer while holding a clip board was scary.
The aches in the middle of the night kept me awake. The thought of having fingers prodding my armpits, needles stealing my blood and ultrasound goo on my skin gave me weird dreams.

It seemed a little ironic that I would be worrying about breast cancer this month of all months in the year. October, you know the pink month. Everywhere I looked there was a reminder of my worries.
I was also stressed about the possibility of losing, in my opinion my best physical assets.

I had my follow up yesterday with the doctor after two ultrasounds and two weeks of worry. Truth be told I was a WIMP who was worried for nothing.
There were no abnormalities on my breast or my hip other than my mutant lymph nodes which were probably swollen due to ... wait for it... ALLERGIES.

Brian and I are very grateful that there is nothing seriously wrong. I'm rewarding myself with a new bra.

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  1. So glad you're OK. Which leads me to a comment about the Month of Pink. Seriously, I hate how breast cancer awareness has become such a big trend nowadays. A big money maker. I'm so sick of hearing about all these 'flaunt your boobies for breast cancer awareness' campaigns. How much more insensitive could you get? Think of the torture a woman who has had to have her breasts removed must go through with all that madness being forced at her from every angle constantly. Hey, I'm sorry you had breast cancer and had to go through ungodly treatments and have your breasts removed, but I'm raising breast cancer awareness so look at my boobs!