Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Nightmares of Trailer Parks

Last night after a long and harrowing journey in the harsh reality of "who's car is going to get repo'd first" I had a long and harrowing nightmare about being forced to live in a trailer. It looked similar to this.
I had bought it from an elderly lady who had owned a lot of cats. The trailer was full of her elderly lady stuff
(i.e. afghans, Hummel figurines) and smelled of mildew and cat piss. The two worse smells ever in my opinion. I had lost my car and was forced to walk everywhere with a gigantic backpack holding my most valuable items (i.e. my ps3, my favorite dvds).
Now for the therapists in the crowd, while stroking your beard (cause I picture you all looking like Freud from Bill & Ted) you're probably thinking "She has deep seeded fears about being poor."
Well DUH! Who doesn't?
It might stem from the fact that I lived in a trailer once. When I was 13 and it wasn't as bad as the one pictured above but still isn't where I'd like to ever end up again.
Or maybe it stems from the 7 month period when I was 18 and was practically homeless sleeping on my friend Ryan's couch and my ex-boyfriend's futon, and even one night in a sleeping bag under an overpass.
Yeah, so this is my American nightmare.

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