Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Coffee Talk: Feminism, Immaturity Trending, and A Bad Woman Rapper

I dove head first into some blogs today that discussed a few different topics I felt the need to share here:

+ I believe that everyone has the right to wear their personality proud and we all have certain bits of our childhood we've held on to as adults. For instance, I love me some video games. But this article from Julie Klausner discusses the latest trend of immaturity amongst women. I feel that it's a study in bashing women for being themselves instead of an educated rant about the trend. I mean really we all know these types of women, and we all know MOST of them are 100% into kittens, cherry chapstick, and bright pink tutus. Some of them ARE this trend and some of them are just trying to be trendy. More educated is this rant on The Daily Beast by Tricia Romano which addresses the new websites aimed at women being more girly than womanly. I'm not a fluffy kitty, Mickey Mouse ears, pink loving kind of chick, but the sites I read and the magazines I see are all full of that trend.

When I started my blog I was looking for sites that discussed women with bands and kids and didn't find one. NOT ONE. Where's a blog that I can RELATE with? I read blogs of all topics, right now I'm drowning in pregnancies (or new babies), weddings, and fashion in the circle of blogs I read, but there isn't one I can find that covers juggling motherhood, marriage and being a musician. If you know of any send them my way!

+ This article from The Crunk Feminist Collective discusses this artist (who before this article I hadn't heard of) Kreayshawn who is apparently blowing up all over. Not only is she NOT rapping she's NOT talented and looks like a production some wanna-be hip hop producer threw together to attract the hipster/dupstep kids. Not only is she demeaning and objectifying black women she's a poor example of a white woman rapper as seen in this video.

And as I said in the above paragraph "I believe that everyone has the right to wear their personality proud" but is this really her personality or is this a gimmick to make dough?

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