Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Sappy=My top Guilty Pleasure Movies

When my hormones screw with my emotions and I'm a puddle on the couch I pour myself an adult beverage and click on the Netflix instant. Horror, action, and comedy's are my favorite but every girl (no matter how metal, punk, or anti-pink you are) has movies they'd only watch alone.

These are my top ten Guilty Pleasure Movies.

Practical Magic
This is a sweet story of sisters, love, and passion mixed up with some magic. I love the house they live in. It's a beautiful Victorian on an island. A kind of dream home for me since I was a kid. I can put this movie on anytime and be into it like I was watching it for the first time.

Chasing Amy
I love the dynamic in Holden & Alyssa's relationship mentally and physically. It's complicated and real. It isn't a happy ending romance but one we can all learn from. Friendships, past mistakes and sexual identity all make it complex and unique.

Johnny Depp is exceptionally hot and romantic in this movie, but it also displays an independent woman changing lives around her for the better and overcoming obstacles in a great way.

The Time Traveler's Wife

I love the dynamic in Clare and Henry's relationship in this film as well. They have to overcome a unique obstacle that hinders them every step of the way, yet they love each other so much it's all worth it. The cinematography and the acting are both beautiful.

Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind
Another film that has amazing cinematography and acting. The story is so quirky and unique. One of Jim Carrey's best roles ever.

High Fidelity
All time top five movie fave. Unfortunately one of my least fave actresses (Catherine Zeta Jones) plays Charlie (the ultimately unattainable perfect girl). This isn't the typical directed-for-estrogen-consumption romantic comedy and caters to both the male ego and the female emotion. It deals with fear of commitment, love for music and maintaining a contemporary relationship.

He's Just Not That IntoYou
This is the movie that made every woman that watched it say DUH! Well at least it should have. It made me re-evaluate what I thought I deserved from of my relationship.  Luckily I wasn't in the dating world long enough to be tortured by most of the dating cliche's this movie touches on. I think it's sweet and of course has the full circle of relationship evaluations but most of all it makes women see how crazy it is to obsess over a guy who isn't working hard enough to woo them.

Can't Hardly Wait
This movie came out the year I graduated high school. While in the midst of saying farewell to the life I had loved so much I connected with Preston's anxiety and feeling of regret at not attempting to reach for his goals sooner. It's still one of the funniest movies about high school that came out in the late 90's

I love everything about this movie. I believe it totally started a revolution of awkward comedies from Apatow, but also touch all us late twenty-somethings who dealt with similar situations in high school. It's typically a dude flick, but I can watch this over and over again.

Love, magic, witches, etc. A fantasy film for sure, but a beautifully  put together whimsical fairy tale.


  1. Hi there, I wanted to tell you I LOVE your list, I was shocked to see can't hardly wait on the list. I work at a radio station and I used that movie in a quiz question once for a movie pass or something, I couldn't believe how many people I stumped. Wanted to let you know I just started following your blog. I LOVE it. I have been in and out of garage bands for like 10 years now, and am suddenly meeting the "domesticated" part of me. I just got married and we're looking down the path of kids now. I guess I look up to you. Anyway wanted to leave a note, say hi, and that I'm diggin your blog. :)

  2. Thanks so much Nancy! It's awesome to hear when new readers find me!