Thursday, April 5, 2012

And then pneumonia.

I've spent the last seven days battling pneumonia. On my birthday (friday) I had been pretty loopy and not feeling well. I thought it was caused by some allergy medicine I took Thursday night but after a long day at work I got home took my temperature and was shocked it was at 103.
I had caught whatever Hayden had just gotten over, or so I though.  I promptly rested and hydrated. Saturday morning I was much worse, but I had a lot to do in preparation of the show. We ran some errands, did our duties and played our show.
 I struggled all night. Coughing, then pushing myself on stage and being surrounded by cigarette smoke didn't help. On our way home after the show I felt like someone had dropped a firecracker down my throat. I was struggling to breath and was in a ton of pain.
Brian took care of Hayden all day Sunday while I slept and tried to sweat the fever out. I was a bit better by Monday, but as I don't have any more paid time off I've had to work through all of this.
I'm just now getting my voice back, but the coughing and the liquidy sinuses are really lame.
It really sucks being sick on my birthday weekend. I wanted to do so much more and didn't get to enjoy the cupcakes and birthday cakes I got from my awesome friends.
Hopefully this crap will go away. I'm super excited to try my new microphone and write some new music. 

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