Monday, April 9, 2012

Weekend Redux: 1st Friday and a Half Ass Easter

 This Friday was the First Friday celebration in the Las Vegas Arts District.We saw a giant praying mantis with disco eyes, got to pet a baby wallaby and a goat, watched break dancers, visited the brand new location for  Cowtown Guitars and enjoyed some amazing local art. Hayden's become a pro and enjoyed himself without any complaints, other than the lack of free french fries.

 With being sick I totally forgot about Easter. Hayden got some cards from his Great Grandma and Great Aunt and used his money to buy some legos and an stuffed Angry Bird pig. But Saturday afternoon he said "Mom, I know the Easter Bunny isn't real but do you think he can still give me some stuff?"
Insert "worse mom of the year panic mode" right there. We scrambled and pulled together a pretty decent basket before Sunday morning.  He was stoked and then proceeded to hide eggs over and over again for both of us to find. We then barbecued for some friends and ended up having a great Zombie Jesus Day.

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