Monday, April 2, 2012

Weekend Redux: The Birthday Blowout

My birthday was Friday and I came down with some weird mutated allergy, cold, flu something. I stuck it through at work all day but crashed as soon as I got home. Brian and Dr. Hayden took good care of me and cooked me a nice tri-tip dinner.
Saturday I rested up as much as I could before our show but was really under the weather. Our Tarantino Themed Costume Party/ Metal Show was amazing. Although I was sick and didn't perform 100% we still had a great time.
The bands that played with us and all the fans and friends that came out had a blast. So many people dressed up and it was so great to see everyone. My friends got me the awesome cake above and this awesome Shure microphone that I've wanted for a long time.

Yesterday I tried to sleep away this sickness but it's still kicking my butt. I did get to enjoy an awesome cake my friends Carlos & Miki got for me.

Overall it was a great birthday weekend and I'm so grateful for all my wonderful friends, my awesome son, and my soul mate for making it so amazing.

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