Friday, February 15, 2013

Boring, Eight Teeth, and Valentines

The last couple weeks have been super busy for me with work and stuff.  I participated in an Advertising and Marketing expo last week working late every day and taking care of house work, homework, errands, and then played a show on Friday.
I also took on more accounts which have required much more of my time.
I have been truly balancing work, mommyhood, and the band full time. Which I know is boring but I have to throw in my damn tag line every now and then.

But this evening I am alone watching Project Runway and catching up on my blogging.

Brian had eight, that's right EIGHT teeth removed yesterday that's right on VALENTINES DAY.
He had originally only scheduled to have six, but after consultation with the oral surgeon it became eight. You would think the man never brushed his teeth, but the oral surgeon told him to blame his parents. That guy gets a Christmas card.

We actually got to celebrate our Valentines early. Brian bought me beautiful roses (that we actually picked out together) and we made each other an amazing dinner of New York steak, mashed potatoes and peanut butter ice cream for desert. 

Hayden had a pretty great Valentines as well. He scored a whole bag of candy and cards, but the best prize of all was a cute little hug he got from the little girl he's been friends with since last year. He had forgotten to give her the card he wrote for her the night before. When I picked him up and they were playing in he after school program I asked him if she liked the card. His eyes got big "I FORGOT!" He ran over gave her the card and stood back with a half-worried look waiting to see how she would respond. She smiled big and gave him a hug. He hugged her back, his whole face lit up and then skipped out the door with me to the car.

I get busy balancing all of these things that make up my tagline and the routine sometimes makes my life seem dull. Then magical moments like this happen when I get to witness my son's heart get all warm and fuzzy.

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