Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Makeup has always been a weird "thing" for me. I didn't really like makeup until after I had my son when I was 26. I never really was taught how to properly apply it and I never really cared for anything more than eyeliner and mascara.
When my self esteem evolved so did my interest in makeup. I love to find new makeup styles for shows and I have the hardest time applying it correctly. I've been all about watching these tutorials lately from Letz Makeup. She's AMAZING and I love her Irish accent.

Every year I treat myself with a nice makeup kit. Something that includes lots of eye shadows and blush at a low cost. My current kit is over a year old and getting kind of worn. Thank goodness E.L.F is having a sale tomorrow on their HeatWave collection. Normally $46. It's gonna drop to $19.78. Go grab one for yourself too :)

  Get the e.l.f. Collections Heatwave Collection for just $19.78 (57% off)! This offer is valid 8/1 only with coupon code HEAT.

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