Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Back at the Huntridge

Most of my teenage years I lived in and out of boxes. Moving from one house to another, one town to another and never really feeling like I had a "home" of my own. So many different rooms, so many different walls of plaster and paint. But the one set of walls that had the biggest influence on who I am were the walls that made up the Huntridge theater.
 I walked into it's doors for the first time when I was sixteen only a few months after moving to Las Vegas. I can't remember what bands played that show but I do remember they were punk rock. A girl I met on the school bus named Mia held my hand and walked me through it's doors for the first time. Little did either of us know how much that stroll through it's threshold would effect my life.
 I saw countless bands there. I looked up at that stage with fandom in my eyes and saw musicians living their dreams, sweating under it's heavy lights, breaking guitar strings and utterly enjoyed it.
Once I was in a band I dreamed of being on that stage that I had looked up at so many times. When we moved to Las Vegas in 2008 it had been closed for four years. My heart broke when I drove by for the first time in so long and it looked liked a sad shell of what it used to be. 
In June of this year an Indie Go Go Campaign to Save The Huntridge was started. I donated to show my support.

 On Saturday I drug my family to an event called BYOB. That's Bring Your Own Brush. It was a volunteer event for the community to help paint the Huntridge. There was a great turnout and we got to paint, share memories and  be apart of something awesome.

I'm excited to watch the progress of the renovation and I hope to help out more. I also hope my band will get to play there one day soon.

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