Sunday, October 20, 2013

More Halloween Craft

I found this door on Pinterest. I tried to find the link the image is from but had no luck. Anyway, I thought it was awesome so I wanted to recreate it.

Here's our version

We used an end roll of newsprint ( you can use brown wrapping paper ) and wrapped the door. Then we used a piece of poster board cut the idea size to fit three eyeballs, and then used double sided tape to make it stay. The poster board also made the teeth. 

The same night Hayden and I made bats. 14 of them to go behind our television. 

You'll also notice the ghost garland we made a few years ago. It was made out of ribbon and an old T-shirt we cut into shreds and drew faces on. 

As you can tell, we're definitely ready for some trick or treats. 

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