Friday, August 12, 2011

Defining my style...Friday-Fashion or Lack Thereof

As I've stated many times on my blog, I'm the anti-girly girl and as much as I wish I was fashion forward I am not.
I read a lot of fashion blogs and love when the bloggers share their styles with self portraits.
I see a trend of hearts and bows, vintage looks inspired by Mad Men, and florals but I really don't lean towards any of those styles. I tend to be more outside the box I guess. I don't even know what I would classify my style. If I even have one.
I've been holding off on my Friday-Fashion or Lack Thereof posts because I really didn't know if anyone was into them, I mean this isn't a fashion blog.
If I did "lean" towards any style it would be rock n roll of course.
I have been watching the new season LA Ink and Kat Von D is designing her own fashion line. I kinda dig her style and like me it's so far from the trends. She rocks bikini tops, leather pants, high high heels and tattoos as accessories. She's grown a lot in her style since the first season too, incorporating a lot more color and less cut up t-shirts, but every girl's wardrobe grows when you got more money!
If I was as thin as her I would maybe as brave to rock the bikini tops. But I do rock the tight skinny jeans, an occasional cut up tee and the tattoos as accessories (on top of my favorite SKULLS too).
I'm learning how to rock in heels (6 shows down now!!)
So yeah I think my style is rock n roll.

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