Thursday, August 25, 2011

TiLT: Links.

While the world is abuzz with the news of Steve Jobs stepping down I spent the last two days reading  and discovering interesting things on my iPhone...

-When Celebrities were Young - Is quite cool. I never imagined Martha Stewart being so haute.

-Postagram- Is an app that turns your Instagram photos into postcards and sends them to whomever you desire for only .99 cents.

-Da Breakup Song. A co-worker was telling me about a site where you can plug in your significant other's name and why you're breaking up with them and it will make a song about it. I googled it and found this. Although very hilarious this wasn't want she was talking about.

-100 Ways to be a Love Letter to the universe is a great mantra from GalaDarling. I'm working on myself a lot right now and this has helped.

-I picked up The Love Response book from the library on Monday. After only four days of reading it's already helped me tremendously. I'll post more about my self-fix-it stuff later but I will recommend this book for everyone.

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