Monday, August 15, 2011

Weekend Redux: Hard Rocking River Fun

Another amazing weekend comes to an end with a Monday morning coffee fueled blog post.
On Friday our good friend Dave treated us to a wonderful evening at the Hard Rock cafe were we got to watch Jay & Silent Bob get Old & Hollywood Babble On live. It was a great time!

Brian & Dave


This is the view from the Hard Rock's VIP room! 
We're playing Diablo's (The smaller club with red neon lights) this Thursday.

Then Saturday our awesome friends Shrapnull from Bullhead City, AZ, asked us to join them in rocking out on the Colorado River. We had a blast! While it was the all the guys' first time playing a show topless it was my first show in a yeah it was freaking HOT out there.

Hayden was chilling after playing in the River and after like ten minutes was totally OVER it.
Luckily he calmed down and ended up falling a sleep with ear plugs in while we rocked out.

This was our view from the stage! Throughout the day boats, rafts, and jet ski's rode by as we played.
After we played our set the guys in Shrapnull all got up and jammed out some Pantera and Lamb of God songs. Then we got up and jammed out some Weezer. While we were finishing up a couple boats stopped right in front to watch. I watched a lady on one of the boats realize it was a chick singing then stand up and start screaming for me. It was pretty cool. We had so much fun, all the people were so great, and can't wait to get back up there.

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