Friday, June 22, 2012

Coffee Drinks in Spanish

A few days ago Hayden started to speak Spanish. Not real Spanish though: his own version of some made up language he thinks is Spanish. So our conversations about different languages have been quite interesting.
This morning on the way to daycare he says "Mocha Chino, Mocha Chino! Mom, that means I want some Kool-Aid."
Then he went on to ask "How do you say Red in Bonjour?"
Me: "You mean French? It's Rouge."
Him: " How do you say it in France?"
Me: "When you're in France you speak French so it would be Rouge."
Him: "How do you say green in English?"
Me: "Green. We speak English."
He laughed for about two whole minutes at that statement.
Me: "You know, Mochachino is actually a coffee drink."
Him:" What?! It's not Spanish Kool-Aid?"

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