Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Front tooth and Graduation

Last night Hayden's top front tooth came out. He was wiggling it all day and it was barely hanging there right before dinner. He was timid to let me touch it but I did anyway and it came right out.
He now has a perfect little lisp.

Today he graduates from Kindergarten. 

On his first day, he cried. He was the only kid crying at the gate when we said goodbye. He was nervous, scared and cautious of the new situation ahead of him. That's the kind of little boy he is. He's cautious and nervous and wants us there with him to help ease the anxiety of change.

 Just like pulling out his tooth last night. He was nervous, scared it might hurt but held my hand when I pulled it out and didn't realize I had done it until I showed him the tooth in my hands. 

This morning he's playing video games,  running around the house karate chopping me, and excited for Brian and I to see his "show" for the last day of kindergarten.

He's made friends. He's learned so much. He tells me everyday when I ask what he did in school that "he cuts, he colors, and he glues." 

He's grown a lot.

This is the only last day of kindergarten for both of us. 

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