Tuesday, June 12, 2012

School of Hard Rocks Past Lessons

I'm sure the mommyblogishness of my blog lately has been driving away the majority of my readers. I mean who wants to stare at pictures of my kid losing all his teeth without an awesome video of me torturing him while removing them one by one. The header does say "balancing motherhood and metal" so where's the metal?

Last year I blogged about my experiences with being in a band and the lessons I have learned which I like to call my school of hard rocks.

I'm sharing them here as I am working on some more posts for this topic:

Lesson 1- Not everyone is going to like you and you can't make them.
This is ever apparent now that social media is abundant in building a fan base and SOOO many bands are forcing themselves on so many Facebookers.

Lesson 2- The Valuable Art of Fliers.
Way more fun to make a flier than an event invite.

Lesson 3- The Value of Merch.

Lesson 4- Too many shows.

Lesson 5- Every band needs a GOOD recording.

Lesson 6- If you don't support your scene don't expect it to support you back.

Lesson 7- Out of Town Shows. Do your research.

Lesson 8- Your Gimmick Is Killing Your Talent
This is my personal opinion on gimmicks.

Lesson 9- The Ego
And the damage it does.

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