Friday, June 15, 2012

Facebook Minds want to know....

I asked my Facebook friends: If you could ask me anything related to my band what would it be?
So if you're not linked to me on FB or if you have me hidden cause you're SOOO tired of those damn pictures of my kid losing his teeth and my event posts for my bands shows you missed the conversation that ensued:

Rob (bipolar's guitar player): Why is the guitar player so damn Rad?

Kelly:  Where did you get your green chucks?

I didn't answer either of these questions. 1) Rob was just looking for me to stroke his ego and most guitar players already have egos so I felt I didn't need to feed the machine! Plus he knows I think he's rad or he wouldn't be playing with us.
2) Kelly was referring to a mistake in an article. I don't own green chucks. I wish I did but alas I do not.

Thad: Do you play outside of Vegas? 

Me: Yes we're originally from Sacramento (2003-2008) and since we've been in Vegas we have been able to play Anaheim and Sacramento. We would like to get out more but need to get a new album done (set for end of july right now) and get a vehicle to haul all our stanky asses out of town. 

Erick: What's the best/worst part about booking/playing shows in Vegas? How would you change it?

Me: The best part of Vegas is the number of clubs to play. The worst part is competing with a plethora of other entertainment events going on the same night of our shows. More people are inclined to go to a night club rather than see a metal band play. If I could change anything it would be for the promoters, venues, and bands to work better together to promote/market/fix the scene instead of competing, shit talking, and ripping each other off.  

Dave: What's the best show you have ever played? Worst show ever played? best memory from a show?

Me:  That's so hard. Most recently probably the Sacramento show. The crowd, the reaction, the friends and the road company :) Performance and sound wise I think we did our best at the first Bikini Bar show.  
 (after I responded to that he texted me: Girls are always saying that!) 

Deanna: Is your singing angrier when Aunt Flo shows up during a show without even being on the guestlist?

Me:  Luckily Aunt flo has never showed up unexpectedly. She has showed up the night before or the day of which sucks but I keep the pain at bay with Jack and Coke which makes me a better singer

Heather: What sort of issues do you (as a band) face having to do with not only being a (kick ass) girl-fronted face melting band in a world dominated by men (boys)? What are the issues with writing/playing/performing with your husband?

Me: I think the only issue we face with being female fronted is that people who haven't heard our music expect us to sound like other female fronted bands out there ie: Evanescence, Flyleaf, In This Moment, etc. when I don't feel we sound like any of those bands.  As for the issues with being a couple in a band: Practice has been a good place for us to get our anger/stress worked out in our music instead of arguing with each other and I think is more valuable than therapy. We've worked to not take for granted that we're having these awesome experiences together which is rare. There's going to be times when we don't agree on band issues just like everything else but we try hard to not let our relationship get in the way.


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