Monday, June 4, 2012

Weekend Redux: HOT and stuff

 This weekend was HOT! On Friday I believe it was 104 degrees at 6pm. We sat inside hiding from the heat playing video games and making movies on my phone with Legos Pirates versus Lego Star Wars characters. These pictures are right before he fell asleep watching TV on the couch. 

 We played a show on Saturday night at one of the clubs we play quite often. While in the parking lot hanging with some friends I noticed this little palm growing right out of the concrete with no water source or soil anywhere near it. Quite an example of perseverance.

Sunday was another HOT day. We went swimming, played more video games, and bbq'd with our friends.

This morning when we were leaving the house Hayden said 
"I wish it was Saturday EVERY day and we had a money machine!"

He is a genius.

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