Monday, August 6, 2012

Weekend Redux: Whew, it's been AWESOME

This past week has been pretty amazing. But I'm looking back and wondering why the hell I didn't take more pictures. Oh well. At least I can write about it.
Last week my coworker friend Kelly took me to lunch at the Golden Gate Casino which is one of the oldest  (if not the oldest) casino currently in business still in Las Vegas. They have on display some old school slot machines and this one with a thunderbird on it was the coolest of the bunch.

On Wednesday Brian and I got to see Rex Brown (formerly of Pantera) and his new band Kill Devil Hill. They were great and Brian was like a teenage boy trying to get guitar picks and talking to the band. While sitting at the bar this poor guy next to me was falling asleep so I figured I'd take a picture of him to show his friends.

Then on Friday we got to see Soulfly. It was our third time seeing them together and it was a blast.
One of the great thing about this show was that Max Cavalera's sons were in two of the opening bands. A definite family affair.

Our view front the side of the stage was great. I'm just not into being in the mosh pit anymore, the guys just smell like ass and B.O. especially when it's 100 degrees outside and like 115 inside with all the bodies.

The next day we were invited to our friend Kyle's parents house for an EPIC pool party. They have a waterpark style slide and even Hayden thought it was "AWESOME!!" all twenty times he went down.
I don't have pics, but it was unforgettable.

Yesterday I organized my closet, which might not sound fun but was VERY exciting. Especially since I was making room for new clothes and getting rid of the old stuff.  It was very satisfying and getting rid of clutter is always productive.

Hope you all had an amazing week! Here's to another great week full of awesome and hopefully more pictures.

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