Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Direct is my favorite approach

When I was in high school I used a pseudonymn and an underground zine to express my emotions and angst.    I was taught to be seen not heard and my opinions or emotions didn't matter.
As an adult I became much more direct with expressing myself. In music, writing, here on my blog, and in normal conversation I am direct. I'm honest and I do my best to follow through with my word. I know what I want, I know how to get what I want and I speak my mind.
Sometimes this comes across as mean, blunt, or abrasive. But my intentions are not to be mean. Just because I'm direct doesn't mean I'm not emotional. I get hurt, I get sad, I get fearful of the reactions of others and I get melancholy just like every one else.
But I've found the best way to get somewhere is head first. It worked for me when I was unhappy with my job a year and a half ago. I spoke with my boss and told her that the position I had been shuffled into wasn't my bag and that I wanted more. When a better position opened up she recommended me for it and now in that position I again spoke with my boss about what I wanted and how I could better the department by doing it and now I have what I asked for.
I don't beat around the bush mostly cause I don't want anyone to be confused with what I'm expressing.

I came across this post Always Be Direct (with love). Which has been (partially) my manifesto for years.
Sometimes the "LOVE" part is difficult. Even though I feel the good intentions doesn't mean my mouth or my body language express that. Poor Brian has been the brunt of these occasions.
Good friends will sometimes ask me for advice because of my head-first-ness but sometimes the best advice is the advice you don't want to hear. And I don't claim that my advice is the best but you know, you asked for it.

If you constantly candy coat stuff or beat around the bush no one will know what you want, expect or need. No one is a mind reader, well at least no one I know.

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