Monday, August 27, 2012

The Vacation Post

On August 16th we headed up to Portland, OR and Washington to visit our family for 5 days.
It was a beautiful trip and for once I took A LOT of pictures.

My sister-in-law Erin is a Yoga teacher. Her back yard is so serene and beautiful. This first picture is of the trees visible from her back patio.
The puppy face is Dexter their adorable snuggle bug who laid with me early in the morning.
We went to the river to go swimming with Brian's brother and his family. It was beautiful and very cold. Hayden was fearless and jumped right in. We saw fish, tadpoles, and some awesome birds. Being surrounded by the trees and breathing in such pure air was so exhilarating.

On Saturday while Brian got more of his tattoo done by his brother Jason (an amazing tattoo artist)  Erin's husband Shawn took the kids and I to the Portland Saturday Market.  Hayden was being Mr. Poopy Pants (which is what I call him when he's whiny and grumpy) but we made the best of it and had a great day. The market was full of awesome crafts and foods. It was much larger than Vegas' First Friday event.  I bought a few things and treated Hayden to a creamsicle  italian soda which he said was "Horrible and good at the same time, like Soda Ice Cream."
The next day Brian and I got to drive around Portland while Hayden stayed with his cousins. We went to the International Test Rose Gardens. I can't describe in words how wonderful it was there. I am a lover of roses and was in total awe of all the amazing colors, scents, and the beautiful music from a harpist that day.

There was a small little corner garden on the grounds called the Shakespeare Garden. It was lovely and peaceful. Brian had a great time too and found a Royal Rosarian statue to hang with.

We try to go to visit Brian's family at least once a year. For me it's a nice break from our big city in the desert, for Hayden its a great time with his only cousins and getting to play outside, for Brian it's much needed time with his parents and siblings.

We had an awesome time and hope to return soon.

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