Tuesday, August 28, 2012


When I was 17 the first band I ever interviewed for my 'zine the Spit was Hemlock. They were a Las Vegas metal band that had been around for a while. I believe they were one of the first metal bands I actually liked and owned a cd of.
I got to see them play a few times at the Huntridge Theater before I interviewed them at the skate park by my house.
I wasn't very prepared and the camera I had borrowed from the year book class at my school didn't work.
A year later for Halloween I saw them play at the Huntridge again. My friend Scott and I got kicked out halfway through their set for throwing smoke bombs into the crowd.

For years I heard that they were still playing and touring all the time. Whenever they came through Sacramento we were never asked to do the show or we had other things going on.

When we moved to Vegas I knew one of my goals was the play a show with them.

Fifteen years after that first interview, four years after moving to Vegas and introducing my band to the scene, I finally got to play a show with Hemlock.

I was super excited about the show ever since we booked it but I had heard from a few sources that the guys in Hemlock weren't very nice. With this presentiment I was reluctant to strike up a conversation with them.  But that was not the case at all.
The singer/guitar player Chad (sort of) remembered me from my zine and had heard good things about the band over the last few years.

They watched our whole set and complimented us a lot, also traded numbers to do future shows together.

Their set was amazing! They have a great sound, a great stage presence and were so awesome to play with. GO check them out

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