Friday, March 15, 2013

Rememories: I'm like a fine wine

Today Brian and I printed shirts for my high school. The school is celebrating it's 20th anniversary. NOT MY 20TH ANNIVERSARY. The schools. Just to clear that up.

So the universe decided since my high school popped up in my life that it would throw a classmate's success in my face again. My Tivo recorded the Behind The Music of Ne-Yo. Shaffer Smith and I were in choir together. He is now a successful millionaire and I am still playing smoke filled bars for nothing.
But really I'm happy he has an amazing career, it's really cool to see someone who had to practice latin aria's alongside me now living in a beautiful mansion.

I went through my year book while watching the show and cringed when I saw my photos.

I was about thirty pounds heavier back then and totally not the vocalist I am today.



Yeah, what now boys who wouldn't talk to me?! I mean, at least I got better with age.

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