Friday, March 1, 2013

Another thing I had to Google cause no one taught me how...

The last few days I've been feeling pretty crappy internally. It feels like my stomach is trying to kill me and my head decided to ache yesterday and has yet to stop.

When I got home from work I took some b12 along with my ibuprofen to try and fight the headache to no avail. 
Hayden and I read, ate some dinner, and then he sat down to watch a movie we rented. The B12 must have kicked in right as I sat down cause I got the urge to clean. 
I just bought this awesome Euro-Pro Shark S3601 Professional Steam Pocket Mop a couple weeks ago and it's the only thing that gets the damn dirt off the crappy white linoleum in our kitchen.
So I steam mopped, cleaned the downstairs bathroom, then decided that I should try and clean the blinds.
But I was unsure of how to clean these gigantic blinds. So I googled it.
The page I found most useful said to remove the blinds and soak them in the tub with dish soap.
So, to remove them I had to find a screw driver. I fumbled my way through removing them without damaging anything then walked them upstairs to my bathtub. But they were too large so I then had to figure out the best way to do it, without breaking or bending the blinds. SO I placed them gently in the tub, ran the water, then dumped buckets of water with cleaner on them. But that didn't work well enough, so I then had to clean each blind by hand with a rag and then pull them apart as they were sticking together.
This took about 45 minutes. I then ran them back downstairs, hung them up and had to dry them by hand with a towel.
THEN I had to do that exact crap TWO MORE TIMES. I wasn't done till about 9:45. Then I bathed and put Hayden to bed while cleaning out the tub.

I still have five more sets of blinds in my home that need cleaning. Good thing I have a bottle of wine waiting in my kitchen.

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