Monday, March 11, 2013

Weekend Redux: Old Friends and Funny Things

This past weekend was great. We played a show Saturday night at The Bunkhouse with some friends of ours from Nor-Cal called Dedvolt. It was great to connect with some of our old school friends from Cali.
We also had some friends Death Valley High who played down the street and crashed at our house after theshows.
It was a weekend full of laughing with friends, making new friends, and reminiscing of shows, bands, and venues past.
I feel so lucky to know such talented amazing people and to get to share experiences with them.
Every time our friends from Sacramento or the Bay Area come through I get this urge to jump on a plane and go visit the places I miss so much.
Maybe sometime soon we'll get to travel more as a band. Until then I'll live through my touring friends stories and Facebook photos.

My girls Petrina and Brandy came out to party with me.

Joel, Matt, Brian all of Dedvolt, Me, Chris of Five Finger Death Punch and Steev of Dedvolt.

These awesome shoes were finally put to use and then I had to take them off during our set as they weren't too comfortable and I'm a clutz prone to falling and hurting myself. 


  1. Love the shoes! Did you do your show barefoot?

  2. I had to take them off through the set due to my being a clutz.