Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Dillinger Road Trip Plan

Our best friends Heather and Steve just moved to Las Vegas from Southern California in March.
Heather and I have a shared affinity for The Dillinger Escape Plan among other awesome things in common. Hell we've been friends for eight years and our boys were born only two days apart.

We found out a couple months ago that Dillinger was on tour but sadly not coming to Las Vegas. However, they had a show in a small venue in Anaheim. I quickly planned a road trip for us all to enjoy this anomaly.

We drove down Sunday, a day early to enjoy some sun on the beach. Our little family has done a few road trips since I got my car in September and we just love traveling together.

We had breakfast in Huntington Beach and spent most the day walking around enjoying the perfect weather and watching a surf competition. Hayden collected shells while Brian and I enjoyed the sand between our toes.

We returned to our hotel room late that evening and got to enjoy the entire half hour of Disneyland's amazing fireworks. It was a perfect ending to a great day!

The next day we had planned on going to Hollywood to flyer for our Roxy show next month but we got some sad news that made us just want to spend the rest of the day together as a family before the show that night.

We pulled our strength together and hooked up with Heather and Steve to get to the show.

The venue was very small and totally worth the drive. Steve found us a perfect spot right next to the stage but not in the middle of the pit. The first band Royal Thunder was good, the second band The Faceless did not disappoint, but The Dillinger Escape Plan is so freaking amazing I cannot properly describe them with words so just imagine me talking with my hands, doom hands.

They literally beat up the crowd with their brutal music and energy on stage. They played mostly all the songs I feel are their best, and then some off the new album. Seriously EVERY metal, post hardcore, metal core or whatever band genre is super cool and hard right now needs to watch this band and take lessons on how to put on a show.

On the last song of their set they welcomed everyone to join them on stage. Brian jumped on stage and ended up protecting the bass player from getting mauled by the carnivorous fans sweating and jumping and screaming uncontrollably. One of the carnivorous fans was trying to get the set list off the bass player's speaker cab and Brian watched as the bass player pulled it off crumpled it into a ball and shoved it into the guy's mouth then pushed his face out of the way.

The show was literally the best I have ever seen and a once in a lifetime experience.

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